#1 Based on the patio at my local pizza shoppe

This is my first doodle.   I was planning on doodling for about ten minutes for each of these pictures, but I (over)worked this one for twenty.  Much of this was just coming to terms with the Wacom Tablet/pen.

This is based on the patio where Clark, Tabitha and I had dinner tonight.  It started out with their walls and tile, and slowly morphed into this.  I like the sky quite a bit, and the shadow is kind of cool.  Most of this was done with the airbrush tool (in Photoshop).  There’s a bit of the paintbrush tool.  When I set the opacity to 50% it helped the paintbrush quite a bit.

The hardest part of this was thinking about what to do.  I trust that that will get easier!

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