#4 T. Rex

I was inspired to do this blog after taking a seminar (and getting an extra nudge at NJLA) with John LeMasney (and when Sarah insisted I used the Bamboo pad that she got me for Christmas–thank you Sarah).  LeMasney hosts a great blog (where he does really awesome sketches at 365 Sketches. It was actually this specific sketch that inspired me to do my own doodles.  Initially I imagined this blog being called Dinos for Clark or something like that.  But I realized that a) it wasn’t nice to Tabby, and b) how many dinosaurs could I possibly draw?  Regardless, this is more of what I thought this blog would look like (not the 3 outdoors scenes that precede this one).

Now this particular T. Rex is so heavily Photoshopped that I’m not even sure how much credit I get for it.  I drew the tiger stripes (clearly inspired by this evening’s Chuck, and then pixelated and blurred them (and put it at 50% opacity).  I then drew the T. Rex on a separate layer airbrushed it and then used the awesome texture Craquelure to give it that cool effect.  Fun!

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One Response to #4 T. Rex

  1. lemasney says:

    NICE! Great T-Rex. I love what you’re doing and I’m honored that I had even the tiniest part in it. Cheers to you, and good on you. Best, John. .

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