#7 Towing a plane

On my way home tonight, I got behind a person who was towing something on a trailer.  I assumed it was a boat, as that’s fairly common.  But then I saw that it had a tail with wings.  And I realized it was a plane!  With a propeller!

I whipped out my camera phone and took a picture from behind.  Then as I drove down the road, it turned at my turn!  Up ahead of me, the truck/plane backed into someone’s driveway.  I quickly snapped another photo (which I think is too overexposed).  This is how I remember it.

The plane was bigger (but not much).  And I genuinely couldn’t decide if it was a plane you could fly IN or not [in looking at the photos, clearly not, but it is a HUGE “toy” plane then].  Pretty exciting for North Brunswick.

This took about 16 minutes (with some extra time for the scribbles in the road).  I’ve put the photos here

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