#8 In Central Park

We all went Manhattan for my birthday.  Clark was thrilled to take a train (his first) and a subway (ditto).  We went to the Museum of Natural History (love the emphasis on evolution, very well done).  And he loved the dinosaurs.  Tabitha enjoyed all of this too, although she enjoyed the puppies and babies in Central Park more.

I’ve been to Central Park many times, but I’d never been to this spot before.  I think it’s the Ladies Auxiliary Lookout or something.  A giant rock that the kids (and I) loved climbing on.  A nice lady took a beautiful photo of Sarah and myself looking out at the city from this spot.  And I had taken one myself.

I’ve been enjoying recreating these scenes from memory, and perhaps I’ll post the actual photo of this one too, although I’m sure the reality is quite different.

Anyhow, a beautiful day, a memorable spot and a about 25 minutes of doodling.  No effects were used on this one, although the smudge tool helped me make those clouds.

I had to post the photo, too.  I remembered there being far more steel/glass buildings, but was sure I was misremembering it.  Huh.  And my trees were much brighter.  Plus, look how fake that cloud is!

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