#12 Breaching Whale

So I’m reading Moby Dick (actually, Damion Searls’ fascinating edit of the book called ; or the Whale).  This is not a sperm whale (which Moby Dick is); rather, it is an orca whale (or orca vail as Tabitha calls them).

I spent about 15 minutes looking for a cool filter to put on this picture.  I toyed with stained glass effects, or a Photoshop’s diffused glass or even ripples (in my head it was going to look stained glass-like).  But every time I removed the effect I thought the picture was really good just by itself. So here it is.

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3 Responses to #12 Breaching Whale

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s fantastic! Clark loved yesterday’s Stego pic, and Tabitha will love this one. Lovely sky. And pleased the orca vail is not eating anyone.

  2. Margaret Simpson says:

    I love this and the splashing water and lovely aurora borelis effect.

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