#15 Big Blue Marble

It’s rather audacious to try and draw a marble.  But I liked last night’s shadow picture so much, I felt like I had to up the bar a little bit.

There’s no tricks involved here (except for using Photoshop’s circle tool…there’s no way I would attempt a freehand globe!

I’m pleased with it, although I think I should have chosen the marble that had more “things” in it (what is that in a marble anyway) as I’m not sure it’s obviously a marble.

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5 Responses to #15 Big Blue Marble

  1. Paula Melton says:

    The stuff inside a marble is more glass.

    Loving this blog!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Paula! We just watched the video and that is so amazing!! I love those “how things are made” type shows and who knew that marble making was such a work of glass blowing art? (Well, not blowing, but you know). And who knew that a wad of wet newspaper was sufficient to keep your hand from burning on molten hot glass???

    • Paula Melton says:

      Come up for one of the open studio tours we have around here, and you and the kids can enjoy watching glassblowers in person! 🙂

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