#17 New Moon

Tonight was tough.  This is actually the third doodle of the night.  I was uninspired by the first two, and when I went outside to lock up the chickens, I saw this moon.  It was perfect.

It took far too long to try to get the moon just right, and I’m still not sure I succeeded.  But I like the contrast with the trees.

I’m going to post my other two pictures, but only after the break.

Yesterday I played around with lines, and it seemed like it would be fun to do some kind of line design.  Then I used the lasso and the magnetic lasso tool to cut sections of the design out and move them slightly left or right (that’s the black sections).  It felt too busy, so I tried a few textures, ultimately settling on this canvas design.

And, since I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to try to put a faint drawing on top of it.  That got way out of hand, but the history menu would only let me go so far back, so I’m left with this weird dragon outline.

Word was out that Ronnie James Dio died today.  Since I was not happy with design #1 I decided to do a quick devil horns sign that Dio popularized.  I used a clouds background and hand drew the hand.

I never really liked it and tried a few different things to get a red glow but it all looked kind of silly, which may have been the point.

Thank goodness there was a nice moon tonight.

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2 Responses to #17 New Moon

  1. Sarah says:

    the clouds make it look like Ronnie is giving us the sign from Heaven 🙂

  2. Margaret Simpson says:

    Yes I remember that sign, I think Chris was into Dio, well RIP Ronnie James. I like the moon Paul.

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