#28 A Vulture Having Eaten a Hedgehog?

I had been planning on working with paths in Photoshop.  Paths are created with that little nib tool that looks like the tip of a fountain pen.  You dot the canvas and it creates lines that follow the path.  You can also curve these points into really funky shapes.

The path tool is very powerful, but it takes a lot of work to get things to turn out how you want.  Thus, a distended bird-creature.

I like that it allows you to create super precise lines (so you don’t have to worry about freehanding things).  But I think in future I’ll have to freehand a sketch and then see if I can get the path to do the shape I want.

The sky is based on the sky that was over my house tonight: just prior to a bitching storm (I took about a half-dozen pictures hoping to get some lightening but never got any).

The yellow outline is a Path Stroke. There are some weird features of a Path.  Coloring the path is something of a challenge.  I mean, it’s easy in that you just click a button, but it seems to treat colors differently.  Although once it is colored, you can then overlay different colors as well.  I don’t think you can get rid of the path line.  And none of the effects (even when I selected just the background) did anything.  Weird.

I’ll try to experiment some more with it.  And maybe get an animal that actually looks like an animal.

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