#30 Not So Grouchy Oscar

Tonight, Clark (almost 5) and Tabitha (2 and a half) were playing together so nicely.  (We even overheard him say, “I love you, Tabby.”  Aw.)  As part of their fun together he drew her Elmo and Big Bird. He wanted to draw her Oscar, but he said he didn’t know how.  So here he is.

Three textures were employed in this picture:  The Garbage Can has Distory>Diffuse Glow (I wanted something shinier, but couldn’t find it).  The brick wall has Texture>Texturizer> (Wait for it) Brick!.  And Oscar himself has this very cool effect: Sketch>Note Paper.

I’m very pleased with how will this came out (I did have to look at a picture of Oscar to get the look right…thought I could do it from memory, but no such luck).

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