#33 A Bowl of Noodles

I’ve always thought of the still life as kind of an exercise, like a musical scale.  Something to do before you take on something bigger.  That’s complete nonsense of course, as galleries are filled with amazing still lifes.  I guess I think that because I tend to doodle them a lot.  I rather like drawing bowls and glasses (and shading them too, of course). But I don’t really do them properly, like a finished product.

I have painted some proper still lifes in the past few years, so it seemed like it would be fun to do one here.  And lo, a bowl of noodles.  IT’s not even what we had for dinner tonight.

The table cloth has the Texture>Texturizer>Burlap effect and the wall is Texture>Mosaic Tiles.

Pass the cheese, please!

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6 Responses to #33 A Bowl of Noodles

  1. Paula Melton says:

    Lo, a bowl of mein! Soy sauce, not cheese. 🙂

  2. lemasney says:

    Paul, you inspired me here. I have an upcoming sketch that I plan to cite you on for the inspiration. Stay tuned. 😉

  3. Paul says:

    Paula, the tablecloth says Italian Restaurant to me (although the bowl does shout Ramen!)

  4. Paul says:

    John, I’m flattered and rather excited.

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