#36 Yet Another Pear

Yes, another pear.  I wanted to see if I could do a sketch in 5 minutes and be pleased with it. So I used the air brush tool and pretended like I was doing graffiti.  I had a bit of a malfunction tool-wise in the beginning (incorrect settings) so this pear took 6 minutes.

I spent way to much time on the purple (and perversely, not enough on the pear.

The weird thing to me is how the whole thing seems slightly out of focus.  Which is very disconcerting and yet kind of cool that I did that with no effects.

I think one more pear tomorrow.  I’m thinking of some kind of Jackson Pollack/Mark Rothko kind of things.  I’m just not sure what Photoshop brushes would work best for these techniques.  My favorite abstract Artist, Piet Mondrian, actually too linear for me to want to imitate (especially on the computer, it seems like it would be way too “easy.”  So, one more pear and then on to other things.

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