#37 The Final Pear

Given the limitations of my PhotoShop brushes (I was really looking for more of a “splatter” effect), I decided that the final pear would be pointillism (which I know is an effect that you can apply to a picture, but I didn’t do that).

I’ve never been much for pointillism (painting it, I love looking at it).  I normally don’t have the patience or the consistency to do pointillist pictures.  This computer pen allowed for a certain amount of gracelessness.  (You can see unintentional variety of points, which I think makes it look pretty cool).

So, that’s four different pears.  I’m peared-out now, and am looking forward to moving onto something else.  But the thing that has been most fun about doing these pears is that I haven’t been looking at the previous day’s pear for comparison.  So it’s fun to see just how similar I was able to make them without “copying” them.  And I’ve enjoyed scrolling down the page to see the differences.

Sometimes exercises can be fun.

I’m also including (below the fold) the first day’s pear with the PhotoShop Pixellate>Pointillize effect on, just to see how differently the computer did it than I did.

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1 Response to #37 The Final Pear

  1. Melissa says:

    Love this! I want a print of it to hang on my wall!

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