#38 Canoe on the South Branch River

Today Sarah and Clark and our friend Renee and her daughter Isabella went for a canoe ride on the South Branch River.  They saw many cool naturey things.  And they stopped for a picnic.  Sarah took a photo kind of like this one, so I decided to draw it.

I’ve learned my limitations with this PhotoShop and pen tool and that is: I can’t draw people with it.  At least not at this scale.  So I can either work at it or leave them out.

I’m pleased with how well this turned out, and I like the depth of the picture.  I was able to use the pointillism technique from last night’s pear (practice makes perfect!) for the rocks in the foreground.  And some of the crosshatching technique for the grass.

I toyed with the idea of a ripple effect on the river, but decided to keep it simple.

I had also initially included a tree shadow on the far edge of the river.  But the more I tinkered with it the more it looked like an oil spill.  So I took it out.  Ours is a clean river.

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