#42 I’d call it booty

For Clark’ birthday I’m going to make him a pirate treasure chest.  So, here’s one buried in the sand. As I was filling in the pirate booty I realized that I didn’t know too many things that one might find in a treasure chest aside from small dots of color.  Go on, think of ten things in a chest (that one might easily draw).

The sand is created with a fairly simple if vague Noise>Add Noise effect.

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4 Responses to #42 I’d call it booty

  1. Paula Melton says:

    I like the lamp! There could be more weapons – jewel-encrusted daggers and such. Dubloons, scrolls, helmets, emerald necklaces, … uh, ten is a lot.

    • Paul says:

      I felt inspired by the lamp, thank you Paula. The problem with jewelry is that it all looks like little dots when from a distance.

  2. Margaret Simpson says:

    Rings, necklaces, bracelets, crown or tiara, metal helmet, metal gaitors,gold pieces, gold plates, silver spoons, loose jewels, and transformers.

    • Paul says:

      Helmets! Of course! I did consider some silverware, but I was also trying to keep Clark in mind. (Although he may love the idea of silver forks & spoons). And by transformers, I assume you mean the robots, not the things on telephone poles, right?

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