#43 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#1 Dust Ball Fan)

While looking at books in the library today, I mis-read a title.  The actual title was Pictures from Our Vacation.  I mis-read it as Pictures from Our Vacuum.  And I though, “What a weird and cool book!”  So I was a little disappointed to see the real title.  But then I was inspired to create that oh so cool idea.

Lo, the first in a series of snapshots from our Vacuum.

This is Dust Ball Fan.  He has just come back from a rousing game where his team (the Sux, naturally) just bested the Clean Team.

I realize of course that this would be a very dark (in color, not content) book, so I’ll see how I can mix it up in future.

The only trick on this picture is excessive use of the smudge tool.

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