#62 Twister

My friend Vicki (hi Vicki) asked me  the other day how I liked the Bamboo Pen Tool.  And I said that I liked it quite a bit.  But when she asked how it compared to actually drawing, texturewise… well, I had to admit it wasn’t quite as satisfying.  But at the same time, it pretty well displayed what I was trying to do (there are many many differences between them obviously, and I know my fine tuning is nowhere near correct).

So I decided to give a try to one of the things that I doodle frequently when I’m bored in a meeting: a tornado.  Now, true, this tornado is just a series of overlapping ovals.  But when I draw them on paper I think the look rather convincing and they display a certain amount of motion.

Parts of this twister work for me, but it doesn’t contain the visceralness that my pen and paper ones do.  I will say that I am very pleased that the pen followed every single line precisely as I drew it (no lag time at all), but the finesse is missing.  Maybe its the brush I chose?  I’m less satisfied with the small brushes than the larger ones.  But the more I think about it, I am able to get more light and dark differences with a pen.  I had to add some extra dark lines to this one to convey what I wanted.

Of course, as I told Vicki, it’s a tool.  And I think that it works well for what I might need it.

The grass is pretty cool though.

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3 Responses to #62 Twister

  1. Gar says:

    Does it do pressure? Should set the opacity to like 80 and then press down on the middle bits, lifting when you get to the side of the tornado.. will make it seem more ‘ghosty’. Then maybe blur or actually copy the layer a second time, set the opacity of that layer to like 50 and set layer to ‘multiply’ then scale it up and make it even more ghosty…

    Just me being a pita.

    • Paul says:

      Hey pita. It does do pressure. I like the pressure quite a bit although it is more sensitive than say a Sharpie. I shall endeavor a new tornado with your suggestions, we’ll see how it comes out.

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