#96 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#20 Train Track)

Anyone who plays with a certain registered Trademark wooden train (or any of its knockoffs) knows that these tracks, no matter how often you put them away, are fully capable of either motion or reproduction.  You think you have them all, and then there’s one piece somehow right in the middle of the floor.  They are also fully capable of spontaneous combustion when you’re trying to make a super-cool set up and you need just that one small piece with the two things that…will…fit…right…oh forget it!

Despite their large size, which might defer any serious pain, those sharp edges know how to get you just right.  And that can mean only two things: confusion and delay!

They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight…

The floor is a simple solid color (which I think all of my friends had in their basements when I was a kid) with Noise (Gaussian Distribution) and Spatter added for good effect.

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One Response to #96 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#20 Train Track)

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel compelled to share that yesterday I did actually vacuum up a toy and had to cut open the vacuum cleaner bag to retrieve it. So maybe that poor sucked up little wooden wiener dog will be pictured next….

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