#100 Treehouse; Nay Aug Park; Scranton, PA

I went to college in Scranton, PA in the late 80s.  At the time Scranton was more pathetic that The Office makes it seem.  There was virtually nothing to do in town (which is no doubt why it was such a party school).

In the twenty years since I left, the city has utterly flourished.  The University has expanded tenfold (and there is actual green space on the campus!).  The downtown has become super exciting with nightclubs and interesting shops and all kinds of fascinating things.

And, most importantly, Nay Aug Park, which was a scary place that no one went to has been converted into a destination for families.  It almost sounds like some kind of fever dream, but I can say that the scary park by my old college now has WATER SLIDES!  Seriously.

It also has this super cool Treehouse.  A professionally built sight-seeing spot that overlooks the gorge that we used to (illegally) swim in.  It sits off the side of the park and has a truly breathtaking view.

It makes me want to matriculate all over again.

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