#101 Bushkill Falls, PA

My coworker Rebecca gets another shout-out because she suggested I take the kids to Bushkill Falls.  We were visiting my friend Matt in East Benton, PA and on the way home we drove through the countryside and wended our way to Bushkill Falls.  I am fairly certain that I went here as a kid.  In fact I’m 90% certain we stayed at the local resort Pocmont, which seems to have shut its doors permanently.

Anyhow, Bushkill Falls screams 1970s.  And although the price to explore the falls is steep $10, the amount of work they’ve done around the falls (all those stairs you see had to be put in by someone!) make the visit worthwhile.  The kids loved it, and so did we.

I couldn’t Bear to leave it (you’ll have to go there to know why that’s funny…actually it isn’t funny).

Oh and there wasn’t really a rainbow…that’s poetic license.

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