#153 Sketch (nude)

My inspiration for this site is also the inspiration for this picture.  Over at 365sketches.org, John drew this very cool “sketch” of Jimmy.  I love this style of art, and it is completely not my style.  I seem to be incapable of doing that kind of breezy, easy-looking sketch.  But I wanted to give it a try tonight, so here’s my first “sketch.”

When I was a kid, my dad was a printer, so I was always surrounded by paper.  I used to draw all the time.  But my dad once told me (paraphrasing here) that black and white drawings were not as good as color.  So I have a hard time now doing these b/w drawings.

I’m pleased with this picture (even if it is even busier than I meant…some habits die hard), and I welcome positive and negative feedback on this experiment.

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One Response to #153 Sketch (nude)

  1. lemasney says:

    Thanks as always for the great shout out, Paul! I love the line you’re using, and especially the hatching and background marks. I hope you do more of these, I love this one. As far as black and white vs. color, I think it depends on the mood of the piece, and for the solemnity of this piece, I think you made the right choice.

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