#184 My “Rally for Sanity” Sign

This doodle page was never meant to be anything more than drawings.  But recent events made me want to address something else.

I’m all for rebellion, and I believe that one should always be critical of people in charge so that they don’t get complacent.  I have supported third parties in the past, and I think that the two-party system is far too easily bought.

However, this Tea Party movement, has stepped out of the realm of reasonable protest and into the realm of violence.  As far as I can see, the Tea Party is run by a bunch of demagogues feeding the flames of hatred as well as wealthy corporations buying TV commercials to encourage middle class citizens to vote against the very reforms that are being put in place to help them.  And, they are breeding behavior that is simply out of place in a supposedly civilized country.  Why are we comparing Obama to Hitler because of a change in health care?  Why are people who have literally no experience in politics (and apparently very little experience in the real world) being put forth as candidates who can solve real world problems?  And, as this poster depicts, why would anyone get so angry at a protestor that he would stomp on her head?

Has American politics really gotten so ugly that free speech has turned into a brutal assault?  I hope not.  Even if you think a Tea Party candidate is a better choice, please make sure you’re voting with your head and not your gut, as guts don’t always make very rational choices.

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