#192 I am the Gatekeeper

Wal-Mart was selling off old Halloween costumes for $1 today so we went to see what was left.  They had this crazy costume called The Gatekeeper, which of course makes me thin of Ghostbusters.  It was a creepy ass mask with a cape and a set of keys.  (Retail $19).  I thought that even though it was a kids costume, I could wear the mask next year.

I didn’t realize the mask was a rubber mask that you pull over your head (I assumed it has some kind of elastic in the back).  And it barely fit Clark’s head.  However, all was not lost because he LOVED the key ring.  And it looks kind of like the keys here.  He opened the car with it, put his sister in jail with it and then made her a gorilla and put her in the zoo.

Sometimes a dollar does go far.

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