#221 What do you think she was trying to achieve?

Tonight, Pippin, the dog, was lying on the floor.  Liesl, the cat, climbed onto the small table next to Pippin.  Then she stretched across to the small chair and proceeded to delicately paw at the dog’s head.  Her left paw went through the rungs of the chair but was too short.  Then she shifted and reached her right paw over the top of the chair to try and reach his head.  When that didn’t work, she pawed through the chair again, all while precariously perched across this chasm of table and chair.  Finally, she reached through the rungs as far as she could and then spread her claws apart as if stretching to the furthest possible point, just trying to get just a little further.  She never managed to reach the dog.  And he seemed, frankly, oblivious to the whole thing.

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One Response to #221 What do you think she was trying to achieve?

  1. Paula Melton says:

    Obviously, she was trying to achieve “close enough to annoy Dog but far enough away to escape all consequences.” Too bad her calculations were off.

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