#324 B.O.B.

We watched Monsters Vs Aliens tonight and  I wondered how hard it would be to make B.O.B. using primitive circa 2000 Photoshop technology.  I made several layers, the background street and sky (to show his translucency, I should have put a tree or something back there, but that would just be showing off).

I made a first level of B.O.B.’s turquoise color.  I copied it onto an earlier layer which I colored yellow and added a Grain Texture (stippled effect).  Then I made the stippled level 68% opacity and the turquoise level at 43%.  Then I made a new level and put the eye on it.

I admit that it is nowhere near the super cool viscosity and such of the movie, but it’s not bad for fifteen minutes and ten-year old technology, right?  And it doesn’t have Seth Rogen’s laugh either

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