#341 Iconic or not?

I had two bananas at lunch today.  I figured I’d draw a banana tonight.  Then I gave myself a challenge: see if you can draw the iconic And Warhol created Velvet Underground & Nico album cover from memory.  Sure, everyone knows it has a banana on it, but what exactly does it look like?  I haven’t looked at the cover in at least a year, but I’m pretty sure this is wrong in a number of ways.

I’ll have to post it to see why.  Can anyone guess before clicking to compare?

Wow, not even close.  I think I’m getting it conflated with the box set Peel Slowly and See on which you can actually peel the banana.  But that still doesn’t forgive the banana being peeled.  I knew the one in front was wrong, but I though that the ones on the side were right.  And, gosh who knew there was so much black!

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