#365 A year’s worth of doodles

One year ago tomorrow night I started doing drawings for this blog.  Some nights were really hard (brain freeze), but most nights were a joy.  *True, some nights I didn’t draw–I get home late on Wed. nights–but I always made it up the next day.*

It’s hard to believe I’ve drawn so many pictures.  I feel my creativity has been really on fire as well.  It has made me paint a bit more and many other things as well.

I’m not going to end at 365, though.  A new round of doodles will start tomorrow.  But there will be some changes made to celebrate year 2.

I can only hope to get more viewers, as frankly, 2 people a day is kind of pitiful.

Incidentally, I am including the rough draft for this picture.  I think I actually like it better than the final product and I intend to work a bit more with this style of line drawing for the first few pictures of Year 2.  Let me know which one you like better, the color or the black & white.

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4 Responses to #365 A year’s worth of doodles

  1. Sarah says:

    Congratulations, Daily Dood! (Which is what I thought it said, which I thought was funny) I do like the line sketch!

  2. Fr. Hamernick says:

    I like both media.

  3. Pookie says:

    Congratulations on finishing Year 1! It’s been a ton of fun to follow along and I’m looking forward to another year. I liked the black and white version of this, but I tend to like the ones that seem more sketchy that computer-y, if that makes sense.

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