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#185 Happy Halloween!

This year I saw a lot of carvings where people simply peeled off the outer orange layer and made some interesting pumpkin “etchings.”  I thought I’d see if I could convey that here.

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#184 blackout design morph

When I started making the blackout picture, I created the central image of that ball-looking thing.  I liked it enough to leave it as it was and then just ad some more colors around it.

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#183 Blackout

We were without power for a few hours because of the freakish October snow storm.  We were very lucky as many people were without power for days.  But for a short time we used nothing but candles, like this one.

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#182 Pumpkin carving time!

We had a pumpkin carving contest at work today.  I didn’t win.  I also didn’t carve this on my pumpkin.

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#181 abstract

I was looking at the cover of Metallica’s St. Anger album and decides to play around with it somewhat.  I like the sleek lines of the original, but I think the texture here is very cool

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#180 Rigatoni Gorgonzola


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#179 my work notes

When I am stuck in an interminably long meeting, and doodling doesn’t seem like a wise choice (bosses eyes), I resort to taking notes in this wonderful nonsense script that I have created.  It doesn’t really look like writing, but … Continue reading

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