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#310 Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

About ten years ago, I bought a Bender robot (part of my admittedly silly collection of action figures).  About six months ago, my kids found him and have been playing with him a lot (he has a door in his … Continue reading

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#307 The Cat in the Hat

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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#263 Toy Story Mania

Our favorite ride in Disney was Toy Story Mania.  The ride was a lot of fun and the kids loved it.  And one thing that Disney does better than anyone is create a whole environment.  So, across from the ride, … Continue reading

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#259 Poisson Rouge

Clark’s favorite website is an excellent French kid’s page called Poisson Rouge.  It’s a really amazing website with all kinds of clever, smart and fun games for kids.  Some day we’ll donate to them because we think the page is awesome.  But … Continue reading

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#255 Novo Nordisk Logo

My friend Liz and I talked about how much we like the Novo Nordisk logo.  According to their website, it is the Apis bull, a deified animal in ancient Egypt.  Nifty. Sometimes you have to pull out all the stops!

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#250 Dora the Explorer

So Tabby likes a licensed character now.  Frankly she wants to watch Dora all the time.  But she seems to get something out of it, at least.  ¡Ayúdame!

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#229 Scott Pilgrim (#1 Precious Little Life)

We (finally) watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World tonight.  I’ve loved the comic for quite some time and I can’t believe how long it took me to watch the movie (which totally captured the spirit of the books). This is … Continue reading

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