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#227 Good Boy, Duncan

Tonight’s picture is inspired by my friend Tracey.  She posted a picture of her dog Duncan who had brought a roll of toilet paper over to her.  Normally he just tears the toilet paper up, so this is quite a … Continue reading

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#252 The bug got me

The stomach bug that claimed my family finally got me.  And I spent a lot of time examining this fountain in our house.  But in the morning I’ll feel like du Champ!

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#120 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#31 Gotcha, Too)

Catching dad in the bathroom?  Good spy camera, good spy camera.

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#91 Night Night

I’ve been wanting to do a doodle for my daughter (that’s fun to say).  But she doesn’t like that many things yet.  She likes baby dolls, but I didn’t really want to draw one (especially after seeing what Toy Story … Continue reading

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#46 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#4 Q-Tip)

This doodle undermines the entire reason I started doodling here in the first place.  I used nothing but a mouse!  That was unintentional, I keep the pad hidden away so the kids don’t mess with it.  And since I was … Continue reading

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