#69 Tabitha

2013-3-10My little girl all bundled up.

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#68 Rapunzel–Tangled

2013-3-9People never ask me why I don’t draw more women.  I feel like I don’t really have the fine touch to make women beautiful.  I think I’m better at more grotesque characters.  Nevertheless, I spent about forty minutes making Rapunzel from Tangled, one of my favorite Disney characters.  Her eyes (in the movie) are waaaay too big, which may have worked for my style.

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#67 Sunboy!

2013-3-8Defending gardens every spring!

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#66 Hypnotoad


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#65 Mother and baby

2013-3-6Sarah took this great picture of mother hen with her baby tucked under her wing.

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#64 “I don’t hate you”

2013-3-5This is a turret from the game Portal, which I have never played, although we have both the desktop toy and the plush toy because we think they are cool.

I haven’t really played with the effects in GIMP that much.  The background is a Gradiant in a clockwise spiral. It had colors in it but after I used the Filter of Emboss, it removed the color and gave it that wild feel–not quite as 3-D as I’d like but a cool background.

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#63 Poached Egg

2013-3-4Had a poached egg tonight.  And it was fun to draw, too.

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#62 Pineapple


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#61 How many jelly beans?

2013-3-2It’s that time of year for everyone’s favorite candy-based contest.

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#60 Another gray day

2013-3-1Sometimes it feels like Spring will never come (even if it is only March 1st).

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