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[GIMP #10] Colonial Williamsburg House

I havea Colonial Williamsburg card here, and this is the design on it (colors may vary).

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[GIMP #9] Protective Hen

It’s hard to show how if you bother a mama hen she gets big.  Real big,  I suppose it would be frightening if you were tiny, but I just find it adorable.

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[GIMP #8] Kitty

Somehow, this turns out more blobby and less catlike the more I added to it.  There’s a lesson there.

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[GIMP #7] The grass is greener

Continuing my “looking through walls” series.

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[GIMP #6] Beach (Big Brush)

When I opened GIMP, it was set to this brush, so I thought I’d see what I could come up with.

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[GIMP #5] Tulip with rain

Sarah took a beautiful picture of a tulip with raindrops on it.  This attempt shows just how bad my recollection is.  I didn’t look at the picture when I recreated it here.  And, wow, it’s not even close.  Perhaps tomorrow … Continue reading

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[GIMP #4] Screen door thingy

Today I replaced the broken screen door thingy.  At last something accomplished!

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