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[GIMP #10] Colonial Williamsburg House

I havea Colonial Williamsburg card here, and this is the design on it (colors may vary).

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[GIMP #9] Protective Hen

It’s hard to show how if you bother a mama hen she gets big.  Real big,  I suppose it would be frightening if you were tiny, but I just find it adorable.

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[GIMP #8] Kitty

Somehow, this turns out more blobby and less catlike the more I added to it.  There’s a lesson there.

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[GIMP #7] The grass is greener

Continuing my “looking through walls” series.

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[GIMP #6] Beach (Big Brush)

When I opened GIMP, it was set to this brush, so I thought I’d see what I could come up with.

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[GIMP #5] Tulip with rain

Sarah took a beautiful picture of a tulip with raindrops on it.  This attempt shows just how bad my recollection is.  I didn’t look at the picture when I recreated it here.  And, wow, it’s not even close.  Perhaps tomorrow … Continue reading

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[GIMP #4] Screen door thingy

Today I replaced the broken screen door thingy.  At last something accomplished!

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[GIMP #3] An unappetizing pizza

It seemed like whatever I did, it just looked worse and worse.

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[GIMP #2] 3-D Drawing

I read Julian Beever’s Pavement Chalk Artist today.  It inspired me to do a 3D design of my own.  The hardest part is realizing I had nothing to put in the giant pit!

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[GIMP #1] Potted Plant

Tonight I started by using GIMP (which is the free version of PhotoShop, basically).  The interface is very much like PhotoShop.  It’s not quite as robust, but that’s what you get for free.  Nevertheless, it’s super powerful and allows me … Continue reading

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