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#366 Goodbye, Photoshop

Starting tomorrow, I will be beginning my Year Three (it seems sensible to start on May 1 rather than April 30, frankly).  And, in honor of this new year, and my new computer, I am switching drawing programs.  I will be … Continue reading

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#251 Shimmering City

I was trying to play with perspective on this. I drew a scene once before of a city from a high hill.  But I clicked the wrong effect and the city became insane looking.  Not what I wanted at all, … Continue reading

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#313 No Pictures! No Pictures!

Remember when celebrities used to hide from the camera?  I wonder how many rolls of film turned out like this? Actually, I think they really turned out like the picture below, but it makes me a little queasy looking at … Continue reading

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#286 Cymbal Crash

I thought it would be interesting to make a cymbal that was in motion, since cymbals look really cool in the right light.  Of course then I realized that that would be really hard.  So I tried a modified version … Continue reading

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#249 Dubious Promise

I had a number of ideas for tonight (for a change!), but since How I Met Your Mother had an inexplicable countdown in tonight’s episode, I figured I’d continue with the number theme and do this one. About a month … Continue reading

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#194 Tonight’s sky

I’ve down similar drawings to this one.  But tonight’s sky on the ride was so beautiful, and the moon was such a perfect crescent that I felt compelled to do it again. It’s cheating to say this is a drawing … Continue reading

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#158 Sketch (Nap)

This one was finished so quickly I felt compelled to tinker and tinker and tinker and then I went back and deleted it all down to this basic sketch. I was so pleased with  the original outline of the napping … Continue reading

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#146 Baby Penguin

My friend Sandy made a very cool glass penguin in her home glass blowing furnace.  So I thought I’d do a much safer thing and draw one. I’m adding hers below here so you can see how cool a glass-blown … Continue reading

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#142 Silhouette

Sarah’s grandmother had two silhouettes like this (the other one is of a man proposing, I believe). This one never managed to get on the wall, so I wind up staring at it all the time.  I decided it was … Continue reading

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#136 Dragon

This is my first drawing request.  At bedtime Clark asked me to draw a friendly dragon breathing fire and a knight.  So of course, the knight would have to be roasting marshmallows, right?

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