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#306 You only get one day every four years

So make it count!

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#305 My view while trying to draw

I guess the cat is trying to tell me she is hungry.

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#304 Peking Acrobat #2

I think this guy was my favorite–he stacked up a dozen chairs and the did a handstand on them.  Wild!

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#303 Peking Acrobat #1

We saw the Peking Acrobats this weekend.  It was amazing and sometimes a little grotesque.

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#302 Just sign here

Pens-attached-by-chain jokes never get old.

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#301 Shower Curtain Dog

Our shower curtain has an abstract design on it.  I love he way your mind tries to put patterns onto abstract designs.  When I was looking at the shower curtain I saw this dog created out of the lines.  Until … Continue reading

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#300 The daylight lasts longer now

On my way home from work, the setting sun was hitting these telephone wires and making them glow orange.  I’m bummed that I couldn’t convey it better.

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#299 General Apathy and Major Boredom

I was listening to Ben Folds Five’s “Ballad of Who Could Care Less” (one of my favorite songs) and there’s a great line about going to the Franklin Mint and having them make figurines of Major Apathy and General Boredom. … Continue reading

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#298 Swimmer’s distress

Boy it sucks getting water in your goggles.

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#297 Happy Presidents Day (where is the apostrophe on that thing?)

Dropping Washingtons all day!  That’s how I roll!

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