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#345 It’s a bird!

This was also done a few weeks ago.  No idea what I was going for here.

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#213 Blue Bird (ala Charley Harper)

Charley Harper makes amazing prints of animals (birds mostly).  His lines are clean and his prints are humorous, stylized and very cool.  This is a (very poor) attempt at emulation.

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#187 Seabird

I was walking past Sarah’s computer which was cycling through screen saver photos.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a long-billed bird. I have no idea what it was, but I drew this.

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#157 bird

I saw a silhouette of a bird in someone’s thumbnail profile picture.  I saw it very briefly and was inspired to do a similar black and white bird.  After drawing this I went back to find the image and couldn’t believe how different that one was … Continue reading

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#132 Cuckoo

When we were at Busch Gardens (the vacation is why all these pictures are getting done on top of each other by the way), we went into the awesome Lorikeet area.  As soon as we walked in a cuckoo bird … Continue reading

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#289 Woodpecker

I was rather stumped for ideas tonight (ha, stumped).  I started to literally doodle on the canvas, and drew a woodpecker.  So I decided to draw a woodpecker proper.  And I decided to put him in the woods.  And I … Continue reading

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#193 Woodpecker

I was experimenting for quite some time with the Elliptical too in Photoshop, making all kinds of circles and polygons and everything else.  I was going to call it bubbles and put a swath of blue behind it.  I rather … Continue reading

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