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#331 Hoops

Clark has really been loving our basketball net!

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#276 Family Picture (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 15)

I don’t often draw people, at least in sketches.  And I’m not sure if I’ve ever drawn Sarah before.  This picture is not based on any photo, it’s all from my head.  While I don’t think any of the faces … Continue reading

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#257 Great Turtle

It is a common conceit that the world is carried around on the back of  a giant turtle.  In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, the turtle floats through space with four elephants on its back which hold up the disc. I just … Continue reading

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#255 Pinewood Derby Prototype

Clark wants a dragon for his pinewood derby car.  Here’s our prototype.

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#253 Glass bottle

Clark and I went into the woods behind our house and found 5 intact glass bottles.  A little research suggests that they are from the 1930s.  How cool!  An archaeological dig literally in our backyard.

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#250 Brrr

Boy, was it ever cold today. I drew a picture very similar to this on a note for Clark’s lunch today.  I wanted to see how closely I could mimic the cartoon that I liked so much this morning.  I … Continue reading

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#244 Mohawk Hat

Clark has been talking about getting a Mohawk. Fortunately for him, just as he realized it would be very cold to do that now, he got this cool mohawk hat at a party.   Problem solved.

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