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#26 Depths

Strange things lurk in the murky depths.

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#230 Faux Stream

As with yesterday’s miniature wurld, today’s faux stream features a toy bracelet as a bridge.

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#94 South Branch River

Yesterday, my family went canoeing.  It was my first time.  It was really fun, and amazing to see just what kind of wildlife is so close to us.  We saw ducks and turtles and herons and several fish that jumped … Continue reading

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#319 Another request!

A Daily Doodle proudly tries to honor all requests.  Tonight’s request came from Dave, who asked: Can I request a fish with a puncture riding a segway across a mountain whilst tattooing a siamese twin onto a monk? I’m not entirely … Continue reading

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#259 Poisson Rouge

Clark’s favorite website is an excellent French kid’s page called Poisson Rouge.  It’s a really amazing website with all kinds of clever, smart and fun games for kids.  Some day we’ll donate to them because we think the page is awesome.  But … Continue reading

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#191 Fishtank at Connections

Connections, which sounds like a creepy singles bar is actually a Christian bookstore/cafe in Flemington, NJ.  We’d been afraid to go because who wants to get harassed by preachers while eating a Panini?  But the atmosphere was really mellow and … Continue reading

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#175 Creep in the Deep

We went to the New Jersey State Aquarium’s Creep in the Deep, which was a special night time opening for trick-or-treaters.  One of the tanks had a pumpkin with a hammerhead shark cut out of it.  It was very cool.

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