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#277 Wintry Mix

The forecast: snow this evening, changing to a wintry mix.  Just what is a wintry mix?  Find it in the snack aisle.

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#276 Milk and Cookies

Today on The Fair View, Sarah did a picture of milk and cookies.  And here’s my take on the same subject.

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#275 Shampoo Planet

I’m re-reading Douglas Coupland’s Shampoo Planet and while I was looking at the cover I thought about how hard it is to draw hair. So I decided to draw the cover.  I didn’t do as much detail as I might … Continue reading

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#274 The Impossible Dream

I’ve never really been much of a slugabed.  EVen on days when I could sleep late, I very rarely did.  But now, with a kid who has missed a sunrise, sleeping till 9:30 seems like a pipe dream.  Especially after … Continue reading

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#273 What to do with 18 inches of snow

When you get 18 inches of snow, have no school and now work, the only thing to do is head to the local hill with your tubes and go for a slide!

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#272 More Snow

Let’s see.  6 more inches today with possibly 6 more tonight.  ‘At’s a lotta snow.

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#271 Snow

There was a very thin layer of snow on my car this morning.  I assumed it would just blow off as soon as I drove down the hill.  But instead, my rear window made this awesome pattern.  The snow kept … Continue reading

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