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#273 What to do with 18 inches of snow

When you get 18 inches of snow, have no school and now work, the only thing to do is head to the local hill with your tubes and go for a slide!

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#272 More Snow

Let’s see.  6 more inches today with possibly 6 more tonight.  ‘At’s a lotta snow.

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#271 Snow

There was a very thin layer of snow on my car this morning.  I assumed it would just blow off as soon as I drove down the hill.  But instead, my rear window made this awesome pattern.  The snow kept … Continue reading

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#268 Stepping Off the Plane in New Jersey After a Week in Florida

From 72° to 27° in a two-hour flight.

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#257 Snowy Day

The first time I painted a snow scene with watercolors, it blew my mind.  You didn’t paint the snow, you just painted the not-snow parts and let the white be the snow.  Cool.  There’s something about t he watercolor textures … Continue reading

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#242 State of Emergency

What better way to extend a Christmas holiday weekend than with a blizzard!  New Jersey had a state of emergency, and lot of folks got hit hard.  We didn’t get all that much snow.  And by the time the outrageously … Continue reading

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