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#239 And a cat in a Christmas tree

Our cat Sweetie was very interested in our Christmas tree.  And one day we found her in the middle of it.

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#219 A Walk in the Woods

I used to be able to draw scenes like this more realistically.  Is it the tools, the time or the artist that is failing.

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#162 Thor’s Hammer

When we were in Williamsburg, Clark asked me to buy him a hammer made from a tree trunk and a branch.  I don’t remember how much it was, but I told him that I could make one in about five … Continue reading

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#114 Summer Shadow

With all of the rain the last few days, it seemed like a good night for a drawing of a big shadow.

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#37 Treehouse (day one)

I started building the kids a treehouse today.  I am annoyed with myself that it took so long to get this much done today (many foolish starts in the morning).  But I realized later in the day that the concrete … Continue reading

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#24 Camel Thorn Trees

There is an amazing picture in June’s National Geographic magazine of these trees.  It looks like this (only much better) and it is a photograph, not a painting.  It is really amazing. Check it out.

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#279 Ice

Ice covered trees are so beautiful.  But man, are they ever hard to draw!

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#248 My drive tomorrow

Normally we wait a week or two into the New Year before breaking down all the Christmas stuff.  But it just felt time.  So, tomorrow, I’ll be that guy in front of you with a tree sticking out of his … Continue reading

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#216 Road Block

There was practically a monsoon this morning by my house.  On my way to work I was greeted by this large tree, which had fallen across the road.  Luckily, on the left side, the tree had disintegrated and I could … Continue reading

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#195b Clark’s second daily doodle: The Silly Jungle

The green is moss.  The smiling creature is the silly lion in the silly jungle.

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