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#298 Swimmer’s distress

Boy it sucks getting water in your goggles.

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#188 Drip

I find that water is very hard to convey accurately.  Especially with the limited textures available in PhotoShop.  I was kind of pleased with this, but it may be too subtle.

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#127 Raging River

The flooding around here has been crazy.  On my way home tonight I passed by a stream which is usually a trickle and tonight it was raging!  I was amazed at how much white-water there was on this tiny stream.

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#94 South Branch River

Yesterday, my family went canoeing.  It was my first time.  It was really fun, and amazing to see just what kind of wildlife is so close to us.  We saw ducks and turtles and herons and several fish that jumped … Continue reading

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#88 The Pond at My New Job

A variety of things has prevented me from drawing lately, including but not limited to: a trip to Cape Cod and a new job.  The new job is in an office park with the above pond as a nice walking … Continue reading

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#85 Hose

Something about the perspective of this is totally crazy.

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#19 Ocean

Perhaps it was a trip to the ocean. (drawn 6/2)

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