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#187 I did, did you?

The magic and mystery behind the curtain!

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#181 Clark’s game

Clark was playing this (unnamed) game which involved many things around the house.  By the time I finished this picture the game was over and I’m not sure what happened, but it was fun to watch.

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#176 Cat at Rest

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only pet we had was a cat.  But she is always around when I ‘m drawing at night and she hardly moves..the perfect subject.

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#143 Mouse

I taught a beginner computer class today (technically Tuesday, when this was drawn), and using the mouse is part of it.  So, I have mice on my mind. The background of the mouse pad is hand scribbled, while the background … Continue reading

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#138 A Dog Eating Dinner

My friend Daniel posted a funny video of a dog eating with utensils.  It made me smile enough that I felt the need to memorialize it here. Here’s the video (it’s on Facebook, so I’m not sure if you can … Continue reading

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#135 Cupcake

Because some days you just feel like having a cupcake. The table top is done with “sponge” effect, which I rather like.

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#133 Slipper Time

Tonight was the first night that it was chilly enough to wear slippers!  Autumn is coming!

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#120 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#31 Gotcha, Too)

Catching dad in the bathroom?  Good spy camera, good spy camera.

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#118 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#30 Diary)

And if you had a super secret spy camera, wouldn’t you want to see if you could read your sister’s diary?

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#117 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#29 Gotcha)

Because when you’re 7, what’s funnier than taking a picture of your parent scratching her behind? Suddenly the plot develops more darkly…

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