Monthly Archives: March 2012

#336 March goes out

I suppose that’s more of a sheep than a lamb.

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#335 The World May Never Know

One…Twohooo, Three.

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#334 Mouse

Look, no wires!

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#333 Wet Moon at Twilight

Tonight there were even more stars out and you could see Venus and Jupiter!

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#332 Wet Moon

There was a very cool wet moon last night

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#331 Hoops

Clark has really been loving our basketball net!

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#330 Unexplained Hiatus #10

Well, actually…

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#329 Unexplained Hiatus #9

What a random example.

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#328 Unexplained Hiatus #8

No, but why do you only have three fingers?

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#327 Ducklings

After just a few weeks, they looked this!

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