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#14 Modified Toy

At a meeting recently I was drawing like crazy, as I tend to do.  I haven’t been doodling online here in a week, but now I have a wellspring to choose from.  This started as a circle and turned into … Continue reading

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#134 T Rex

Clark has this cool T Rex toy that stomps its foot and opens it mouth and all kinds of things.  I was going to leave it just black and white, but with all of the background lines, it grew hard … Continue reading

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#130 Toys

Sometimes it’s fun to color pages of your own things.

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#80 Awesome two headed dragon toy

Clark has this awesome two headed dragon toy.  When you roll it  the necks go back and forth and the mouths open.  I would have played with it 24/7 when I was 7.

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#219 Etch a Sketch

Everyone loves the Etch a Sketch even though, really, it’s more frustrating than anything else.

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#199 Tabitha’s Game #1 (Pyramid)

I hadn’t been neglecting my daughter’s games; however, most of her games involve taking one toy and bouncing it up and down and speaking in a very high voice.  But today she actually played a game I could draw.  She … Continue reading

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#198 Clark’s Game #4: Untitled (Play doh tar pit with truck, army guy & gorilla)

Clark usually tells me the name of the game he’s playing.  But tonight he jumped on to something else pretty quickly.  Nevertheless, I was able to sketch this game (most of his games involved various things emerging from or getting … Continue reading

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