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#316 A Can with strings

On Project Runway All Stars, Mondo made a dress that was described as a can with strings.  Well, it didn’t look like that, but here’s a can with strings.

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#309 Twinkle Twonkle Structure

We saw a charming kids’ play called Twinkle Twonkle.  The central structure was a jungle gym type item like this.

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#301 Shower Curtain Dog

Our shower curtain has an abstract design on it.  I love he way your mind tries to put patterns onto abstract designs.  When I was looking at the shower curtain I saw this dog created out of the lines.  Until … Continue reading

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#196 11/11/11

Today is 11/11/11, the last binary day of the century.  I puzzled over what to do to celebrate this day.   So I resorted to a finger, of course.

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#184 blackout design morph

When I started making the blackout picture, I created the central image of that ball-looking thing.  I liked it enough to leave it as it was and then just ad some more colors around it.

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#181 abstract

I was looking at the cover of Metallica’s St. Anger album and decides to play around with it somewhat.  I like the sleek lines of the original, but I think the texture here is very cool

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#84 A study in shading

Not as cool as I wanted (too much white outline), but still fun.

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#27 Desktop Tableaux

I looked down on my desk and saw an arm grabbing a hippo.  I realized that when you keep picking up toys and other things and putting them on your desk, you get some funky images.  (drawn 6/7)

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#300 Doodle

One of my most frequent doodles is a small shape that tends to expand around itself.  Once, I drew an entire sheet of this and it was accepted at my college’s arts magazine.  When in meetings I tend to start these (as I … Continue reading

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#244(c) Night of Abstraction 3

This picture follows the same premise as (b).  There is no drawing, just effects.  Unfortunately, I closed the window and lost all the steps, so I can’t explain exactly how I did it.  It is virtually the same as the … Continue reading

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