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#366 Goodbye, Photoshop

Starting tomorrow, I will be beginning my Year Three (it seems sensible to start on May 1 rather than April 30, frankly).  And, in honor of this new year, and my new computer, I am switching drawing programs.  I will be … Continue reading

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#365 Year Two Completed

Admittedly, I didn’t complete it on time, but I did do a whole year’s worth of drawings!

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#364 Ghost

I just bought a USB ghost that glows when you plug it in.

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#363 Hello, Kitty

And yet, somehow, it doesn’t really look like her.

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#362 Curtains

Boy, our conference room is really drab, huh?

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#361 My sneaker

When there’s nothing else to look at, just look down.

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#360 Coasters

Yup, a stack of coasters.

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#359 Light Fixture (angle 2)

The same light fixture from a different angle.

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#358 Light Fixture

In addition to our space age phone, we also have space age light fixtures.

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#357 Trashcan

Nothing as exciting as a tipped over trashcan happened during our meeting.

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