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#242 State of Emergency

What better way to extend a Christmas holiday weekend than with a blizzard!  New Jersey had a state of emergency, and lot of folks got hit hard.  We didn’t get all that much snow.  And by the time the outrageously … Continue reading

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#191 Fishtank at Connections

Connections, which sounds like a creepy singles bar is actually a Christian bookstore/cafe in Flemington, NJ.  We’d been afraid to go because who wants to get harassed by preachers while eating a Panini?  But the atmosphere was really mellow and … Continue reading

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#186 Autumn in Neshanic

At the bottom of our street is a train trestle.  And this is what it has looked like for the last few days (before the wind blew the leaves off all the trees).

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#166 Apple

On Monday we went apple picking. So, uh, here’s an apple.

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#106 Bad Sign at the Beach

We went to Ocean Grove, NJ today.  It was a gorgeous day.  The waves were HUGE!  They were breaking constantly, it was so exciting!  ANd then we saw it: two red flags.  No swimming. How many similes could I have … Continue reading

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#102 Snowy Owl; Raptor Trust; Millington, NJ

We went to the Raptor Trust in Millington, NJ today.  The Raptor Trust is a wild bird rehabilitation center.  At any time, you can see Hawks, Peregrines, Owls, Bald Eagles, and even a raven who says “hello.” It’s an amazing … Continue reading

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#93 Tastee Sub Shop

The other day, President Obama went to Tastee Subs in Edison, NJ.  Turns out my coworker Rebecca lives right near Tastee Subs and gets sandwiches there all the time.  This led to a discussion about the outstanding subs at Tastee.  … Continue reading

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