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#61 How many jelly beans?

It’s that time of year for everyone’s favorite candy-based contest.

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#253 Glass bottle

Clark and I went into the woods behind our house and found 5 intact glass bottles.  A little research suggests that they are from the 1930s.  How cool!  An archaeological dig literally in our backyard.

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#51 Added Protein

Last night I swigged a bottle of root beer that had been sitting out for a while.  Sure it was warm, but that was okay.  It was the chunk at the bend of the bottle that left me a little … Continue reading

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#249 Dubious Promise

I had a number of ideas for tonight (for a change!), but since How I Met Your Mother had an inexplicable countdown in tonight’s episode, I figured I’d continue with the number theme and do this one. About a month … Continue reading

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