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#2 Tsk tsk

I’m trying to work on different styles.  This, obviously is a very specific type of cartoon style, a style I feel I don’t do very well.  So I’m working on it.

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#338 A friend’s dog picture

My friend Melissa posted a picture of this dog on Facebook.  I didn’t even read about the dog, because I liked the picture so much I had to draw it.

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#301 Shower Curtain Dog

Our shower curtain has an abstract design on it.  I love he way your mind tries to put patterns onto abstract designs.  When I was looking at the shower curtain I saw this dog created out of the lines.  Until … Continue reading

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#266 Best Friend (30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 5)

Man’s best friend holding a girl’s best friend.

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#227 Good Boy, Duncan

Tonight’s picture is inspired by my friend Tracey.  She posted a picture of her dog Duncan who had brought a roll of toilet paper over to her.  Normally he just tears the toilet paper up, so this is quite a … Continue reading

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#210 Good doggie

Not our dog at all, but sometimes color dictates everything.

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#164 black and white dog on white background

There’s this little plastic dog standing in front of me.  He is on a white piece of paper, all I can see are the black spots and the shadows.  It sounds like the beginning of a creepy story.  But it’s … Continue reading

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