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#330 Unexplained Hiatus #10

Well, actually…

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#139 Rainbow

There was a beautiful rainbow tonight.  It was one of the few where I could see both ends.  It was really cool.

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#69 Rainbow

I’m not really sure where this image/idea/picture came from.

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#322 You know what day it is

Today’s the day when the O’Debraski clan looks for a pot o’ gold.

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#101 Bushkill Falls, PA

My coworker Rebecca gets another shout-out because she suggested I take the kids to Bushkill Falls.  We were visiting my friend Matt in East Benton, PA and on the way home we drove through the countryside and wended our way … Continue reading

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#77 A Unicorn, yes, with a Rainbow

I noticed the other day that although I had a category for my son, I didn’t have one for my daughter.  So, I’ve been trying to think what I could draw for my little girl.  I didn’t want to do … Continue reading

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