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#93 Tastee Sub Shop

The other day, President Obama went to Tastee Subs in Edison, NJ.  Turns out my coworker Rebecca lives right near Tastee Subs and gets sandwiches there all the time.  This led to a discussion about the outstanding subs at Tastee.  … Continue reading

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#92 Jellyfish

We went to the Aquarium in Camden today.  As always, I loved the jellyfish–amazing, they have no brains or method of seeing.  I immediately  thought how awesome it would be to draw one. Then I tried to draw one and … Continue reading

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#91 Night Night

I’ve been wanting to do a doodle for my daughter (that’s fun to say).  But she doesn’t like that many things yet.  She likes baby dolls, but I didn’t really want to draw one (especially after seeing what Toy Story … Continue reading

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#90 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#19 Ribbon)

I had nothing to draw tonight.  I was really stumped.  And then I turned around and on the floor behind me was this very scene right here. It was quick to draw and took very few effects (the carper has … Continue reading

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#89 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#18 Peppermint Candy)

Since nobody actually eats these peppermint candies, they often wind up on the floor. Today’s floor consists of the wood panel background paint bucket.  And the area rug is a circle with Texturizer>Canvas expanded to a crazily large size for … Continue reading

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#88 Cicada!

It’s that time of year again.  Every summer during late July or so, it dawns on the average New Jersey resident…it’s loud out here!  That crazy wall of noise is the cicada.  And from time to time you will find … Continue reading

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#87 Pictures from Our Vacuum (#17 Green Army Guy)

In Toy Story 3, there’s a joke near the beginning that green army men are the first casualties when it’s time to clean.  And that is so true.  But they get their revenge by being ubiquitous and very painful.  Especially … Continue reading

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